Sunday, 24 February 2013

Free course of English with a native teacher

Shakespeare School offers 10 scholarships for the conversation course "English Over a Cup of Tea".

In order to qualify for a scholarship you need to:

1. be between 13 and 19 years old

2. send a letter of motivation in English in which you write why you would like to participate in the conversation club (150 words maximum. The letter will be send by email to
In the same email write the following details:first and last name, school, telephone number and the email address of your teacher of English.

Deadline: Tuesday, February 26th

Finalists will be announced on Wednesday, 27th and invited for an interview on March 1st at Shakespeare School headquarters.

Practice exercises for the Olympiad

Multiple cloze 1

Multiple cloze 2

Multiple cloze 3

Multiple cloze 4

Multiple cloze 5

Multiple cloze 6

Multiple cloze 7

Multiple cloze 8

Multiple cloze 9

Multiple cloze 10

Multiple cloze 11

Multiple cloze 12

Multiple cloze 13

Multiple cloze 14

Monday, 4 February 2013

Cambridge English Language Assessment & Bell Competition 2013

Cambridge English Language Assessment and Bell are running a competition for students between 12–17 years old. The competition is offering prizes of courses in the UK in summer 2013 offered by Bell.
There are two scholarships available for students aged between 12 and 17 who are committed to English language learning.
You just need to describe an idea for using television to prepare for a Cambridge English exam (200 words maximum).
Competition closes: all entries must be received by Friday 26 April 2013

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Open International Project: English Language Online Competition

The International ENGLISH LANGUAGE Online Competition “AMBER STAR 2012 - 2013” – The Open International Educational Project aims to promote learning and use of English language, and strengthening of cultural links between the countries, through a popular competition for all. The competition is organized by Public Institution Education and Training Centre E-College “Argo Navis” (a non-for profit organization, NGO) registered in Republic of Lithuania. The competition is open to all students aged 9 to 18.
Deadline for registration: March 11th, 2013. Registration is performed by teachers only. Contact your teacher if you want to enter this competition.
Fee: 10 RON
Levels of participation: Level – „MOVER“ – students of grade 5-6, (4th-5th year of language learning) Level – „FLYER“ – students of grade 7-8, (5th-6th year of language learning)
The competition will take place from April 08, 2013 till April 30, 2013, at a date to be announced.
About Test The competition has a form of a test with 100 questions. The test duration is 100 minutes.There is 1 (one) point for each correct answer. Maximum score for the Test of each level – 100 points. There are no Listening tasks in the test. There are Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonetic, Phraseology questions in the test. Some questions about culture, history and traditions of English speaking countries are also included in the test. The questions are selected according to requirements of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language), ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe), EAQUALS (The European Association for Quality Language Services).

2013 Shakespeare School Essay Competition

Participants age: 11- 20 years old Deadline: March 24th Competition stages: 1. Subscribe to Shakespeare School Blog 2. Like and share competiton on Facebook (if you have an account) 3. Write and send an essay. Essay description: Great news! The European Union has decided to start a country from scratch and you are the leader of this country. Of course, this is only pure imagination, but what if it were true? What if you could live in the Bran Castle, have dinner with Shakespeare while admiring the beautiful Greek sands from your bedroom window? Write an essay about a new European country you would build and imagine you are its leader (maximum 250 words). Give your country a name, and include three European icons/symbols you would take with you to this new land. What would they be and why would you choose them? The icons/ symbols you may choose from could belong to any of these categories: famous people or places, food, fashion, science, literature, art, traditions or music. More about competition here.

Mirunette Language Competition Calendar: Stage I - February 1st - March 31st (fill in form; test; share competition link; subscribe to newsletter) Stage II -April 16th - May 15th (language test; essay) Stage III - May 26ht-27th (interview) Prizes: 2 weeks in a camp in UK; books and materials; language courses

Friday, 25 January 2013

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

EF English Challenge

Challenge your class' English level and you could win an unforgettable class trip to the United Kingdom. You'll see how your class ranks against students in your country and from around the globe. The competition ends on February 28th – 2013. All you need is a computer with internet access and headphones. You should not take longer than 60 minutes. You are not allowed to use a dictionary. The test questions cover • Listening (10 questions) • Vocabulary & Grammar (50 questions) • Reading (10 questions) Entering an email address is mandatory for taking the test. It is important that all students test under their own email address, so that the results can be attributed and delivered to the correct students. More about the competition on or ask your teacher!

Essay Competition

SHAKESPEARE SCHOOL ESSAY COMPETITION STARTS SOON! For more information follow the links below:

Competition : "Passport to Excellence"

Period: November 2013 - May 2013 Participants: school children aged 11-15 Step: 1. Enter 2. Fill in required information for Stage 1 of competition. Good luck! For more information, ask your teacher.